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Safe Lawn

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Safe Lawn is available in pallet quantities of:

  • 20# Bags
  • 50# Bags
  • 2000# Tote Bags

 Available in Bulk Truckloads 


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Pre-emergence Weed Control & Fertilizer for Lawn & Gardens

Why Use Safe Lawn?

If you are concerned about the growing evidence linking lawn and garden herbicides with serious human health problems and environmental harm, then you should consider using SAFE LAWN.  

Children and pets are uniquely vulnerable to the health risks of harmful herbicides, as they spend a lot of time playing outdoors on the grass. Exposure to these dangerous herbicides during critical periods of a child's life can cause acute or long term health problems.

SAFE LAWN HAS NO CHEMICALS AND IS MADE FROM ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, so it is a safe choice for your children, pets and wildlife.