Easy to Use

Safe Lawn is granular, making it easy to apply with any lawn spreader.  Simply apply Safe Lawn twice a year, fall and spring.  You'll have a better lawn in just one season without harmful chemicals!

Pre-emergence Weed Control & Fertilizer for Lawns and Gardens

Fertilizes Lawn as it Prevents Weeds

Safe Lawn is all natural, making it an excellent slow releasing source of nitrogen keeping your lawn green and beautiful. Safe Lawn is 9-0-0.

Pure Gluten Corn Meal

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Professionals Choice

This nontoxic formula is the herbicide of choice for many lawn care professionals.  It's relatively inexpensive and poses no threat to the environment.  Whether it's a golf course, city park, sporst fields, or school & church play ares, this pre-emergent herbicide is for you.

Safe Choice for You & Your Family

100% safe for pets, kids and wildlife.  Your children and pets can play on the lawn immediately after application.  This safe weed killer is made from all-natural corn gluten meal.

Safe Lawn

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Safe Lawn is Distributed by All Star Trading

We are a reliable, agricultural grain and feed merchandising company. For more than a decade we have been supplying ingredients to the pet food industry, livestock industry and natural foods industry, with our high-quality selection.  Additionally, we manufacture 100% weed and feed fertilizer for the lawn and garden industry.  In addition to our large product inventory, we also offer a wide variety of shipping options.  When you shop with us, we can deliver your order by truck or rail, and we always insure you get your products on time.


Stop Weeds Before they Start!